About Kneading Cats

Maine Coon catHi. I’m Andi and this is one of my rescue cats, Sammi.

If you’ve got questions about cat ownership (or fostering), traveling with your cat or cat behavior, maybe I can help.  Like you, I love cats and have had as many as seven in the house at one time. Volunteering at local shelters and with cat rescue organizations over the years has given me insight regarding fostering and adopting as well as cat behavior and health issues.

I’ve flown cat overseas and within the country and have taken some pretty long car trips with cats, so can possibly help there too.

The only thing I’ve never figured out is how to get rid of cat allergies, so I just live with them. I figure a permanently plugged up nose and streaming eyes are a small price to pay.

Leonardo da Vinci got it right when he said: “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”


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